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your personal goals or those of your group.

Peggy Martin, L.P.C.
1290 S. Willis Ste. 121
Abilene Texas USA 79605
325-669-7141 - 325-692-8810
Invite Peggy to Speak to Your Group

Can you picture Peggy standing before your group, each person listening intently, some leaning forward to catch every word? What's she talking about in your imagination? It could happen!

If your imagination didn't fill in the topic, what do you think about these?

  •   Find Your Star -- Then Grasp It!
  •   Breaking Free of Small Thinking
  •   Create Your Life!
  •   Sweet Victory Can Be Yours
  •   Find Your Passion, Live Your Zest
  •   Small Town, Big Life, Unlimited Choices
  •   Match the Passion of the Masters
  •   Learn to Fly -- With or Without a Plane

Did one of these seize your imagination?/tantalize you?/lure you?entice you? If not, contact Peggy, tell her about your group, and find one together, customized to you, your group, and your destiny.

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